About Us

We are justyummy (on SDC, Quiver, & AFF).  We are a Bi-Couple and we host monthly parties at Bliss in Dallas, TX

Bi-Ways @ Bliss’ goal is to invite all levels of play and desires. Our request to all attending is to be open minded and leave any judgments at the door. This is an opportunity for those who have pillow talked about Bi options to get on the playground with other like minded fun couples and select singles. 

With every great party there are a few ground rules.


Make no assumptions

Respect all levels of play and lifestyle choices. 

Respect privacy if curtains are pulled.

We have a "Core Group" of bi-couples, bi-males & bi-females that we know very well. We're looking to expand this group & have a party where everyone can indulge in their desires without any judgments like you have at regular lifestyle clubs. 

Everyone attending should at least be "Bi-Friendly". You may want to just watch, dance, or meet others who like an alternative adventure.

We want everyone to have a good time, meet old friends, make new friends, dance and enjoy something different.

Single males will be limited and vetted to keep a good ratio so it's not uncomfortable for anyone.

The Bi-Ways @ Bliss party location 9109 John Carpenter Freeway.  Please arrive before 10pm so we can all enjoy the party.   We hold a free raffle between 11pm & midnight for lots of new toys to play with.

Couples $50/Single Males $60/Single Females $10

** Single males MUST be vetted/approved **

Once you in there are no other cost and there are also private rooms at no charge. BYOB & Setups.  We provide cups & ice for your drinks.  We do have on-site Security for our parties. 

We have one last request get yourself home safe and sound, If you've had too much to drink don’t drive. We will arrange a ride for you.


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